Bringing the people & the wine together

Bringing the people & the wine together

The Story

The idea is to bring really good wine to the public at affordable prices. Seems like a simple idea, but typically it’s more about how much you can get for your wine instead of how much you need to charge to make a living.


Seam Wines began with the 2008 vintage as a way to bring outstanding wines to the public for everyday occasions. The truth of the matter is that I am about as big of a snob as you can get, so if I can bottle wines that make me happy, and do so at an affordable price, we should be on to something cool.

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Paul Einbund is the owner of the Morris restaurant in San Francisco and Seam Wines. Previously the beverage director at Frances restaurant, a partner at Coi restaurant with Daniel Patterson and tartare with George Marrone before that. He's consulted on some of the most exciting beverage programs in California. Paul is thrilled to bring outstanding wines to the market priced as drinkers not trophies!


All of our wines are low in alcohol. I like this because sometimes I enjoy being able to consume a glass of wine and not be foggy headed. There’s a time and place for everything right? I also want the wines to be crisp, fresh, and vibrant because this is the style that I most enjoy both for a single glass, and with a meal. There is never any new wood used in Seam Wines because it just isn’t needed. Barrels are important and delicious in many styles of wines, but not these…see the fresh and crisp statement above.


So, to wrap it up; buy these wines, or find them at your favorite restaurant, and drink them now!  Don’t wait for a special occasion, wine makes every occasion special.

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